Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full service pool company which means that when your pool project is complete, it is not the end but the beginning of a great friendship.

We enjoy answering all of your questions and with a fast response time. 

We've got you!


We have our own in-house concrete team and can help!

If you need old concrete taken out and replaced...

Small sections that are unsightly and just want to address those areas...

A full scale pool restoration and you want to replace old and dated concrete with some new coloured or patterned concrete...

we've got you!

We have a variety of patterns and endless concrete colours in a fantastic picture book to give you some great visuals and ideas.


We install and place piles under our concrete as we believe in quality that we guarantee!


Back2Life Pools offer the same pricing during this time as if we were dealing with you in a regular situation.

This has helped us develop many good relationships with insurance companies throughout Manitoba.

Whether the situation gets coverage through your insurance company or not, don't wait to start dealing with the problem. We will come out to your residence and assess the situation.

If it appears to be an insurance claim situation, we will walk with you through the process and provide your insurance company with all the proper information, pricing and details.

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Call Back2Life Pools!

We offer a wide range of services to help determine the cause.

A water loss can be a variety of things. With our skilled team, we will figure out what the problem is and will come up with a solution effectively and efficiently.

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Excessive ground water can cause a "floating" pool liner, which is just the beginning of issues that may arise.

Sump pits work wonders not only for your swimming pool but for your yard in general. They keep excess ground water away from your yard, which means keeping your pool, and other areas trouble free during the summer months.

At Back2Life Pools, we are experts with groundwater issues... we've got you!


We offer a wide range of services for all makes and models of hot-tubs.

We provide year-round service to keep your hot-tub working... despite the weather conditions.

We've got you!

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